Diary of May

I'm a riddle so strong, you can't break me #

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Every time I stared into your eyes, I couldn’t look away. I felt like I was home. I felt this level of comfort that I don’t ever remember feeling before. Remember how I said beauty is an effect? Well, I don’t know any words than can match the effect you had on me today. “Amazing” doesn’t even cover it. I think you really must be an angel, because no person has ever brought a feeling like that to me before. And how is it possible that you are so beautiful and still so sweet?

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She is a paradox. She is faithful and yet detached. She is committed and yet relaxed. She loves everyone, and yet no one. She is sociable but also a loner. She is gentle and yet tough. She is passionate but can also be platonic. In short, she is predictable in her unpredictability…

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When I look at my day, I realize that most of it was spent cleaning up the damage of the day before. In that life I have no future. All I have is distraction and remorse. I buried my best friend three days ago. As cliche as this sounds, I left a part of me in that box. A part I barely knew. A part I’ll never see again. Every day is a new box, boys. You open it, you take a look at what’s inside. You’re the one who determines if it’s a gift or a coffin.
Jax Teller, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ (via draculaslunchbox)